CNA Training


CNA Training for the Hartford, CT Area

Certified nursing assistant training classes are for people interested in CNA positions. CNAs are entry-level healthcare positions performing tasks under the supervision of licensed medical professionals. A CNA is not a nurse but works closely with nurses, physicians, and other providers.

Becoming a CNA is a common way that healthcare providers begin their careers. Many go on to more advanced nursing positions while some are satisfied with their CNA work. All CNA training programs that are Connecticut-approved are at least 100 hours and are coordinated by RNs. The training concludes with a state certification exam. A Connecticut CNA may also be approved to take the certification examination on the basis of a CNA program approved by another state.

Why Become a CNA?

  • Stability: When you become a CNA, job security is not something you ever have to worry about. There is an increasing need for professional CNAs which means that there are always job opportunities, even if you relocate.
  • Affordable Training: Certified nursing assistant training programs are not as expensive as other medical programs. A lot of companies offer education advancement programs for employees which helps to reduce the cost of training even further.
  • Opportunity to Specialize: As a CNA, you will get the chance to explore different specializations and decide if you want to specialize and become certified in a certain area.
  • Opportunity to Travel: There are single location opportunities but there are also plenty of contract-based opportunities for you. You can choose to work just about anywhere in the country.

Contact Our CNA Training Program

At Fresh Start Technical School, we provide professional CNA training programs to the Hartford, CT area. Our programs are run by experienced RNs that care about your success. Becoming a certified nursing assistant is also a rewarding career that allows you to help individuals, has travel opportunities, and gives you a range of experiences. Contact us today to begin your CNA training program!